5 Web Design Tips To Make Your Website Professional

Creating a standalone website offers several advantages. You have full control over your site, you can customize it to your liking and save a budget. However, creating sites that look professional and can compete with sites that are created by developers can be difficult without training. Fortunately, if you take the time to learn some of the best web design practices, your own website may look great. Even if you have no experience creating sites, many of these tips are very easy to implement, especially on a platform like WordPress. In this article, we will introduce you to ten elements of the site that you can add to make your online resource more professional.

Ten tips for making websites professional.

1 Use a limited color palette to not overload visitors.
If you are in full control of the design, it is tempting to try to create vibrant pages using attractive colors. In this case, viewing your site may seem like a real test for the user. Professional designers know how to limit their color palette for maximum impact.
Color can tell a lot about your brand. Too many colors that make your website chaotic can create a sense of disorganization and indecision. Instead, select one primary color, accent, and then stick with neutral colors. A tool like Coolors helps you quickly and easily create color schemes.
2 Leave plenty of “empty space” to avoid cluttering pages and posts.
The empty space does not have to be white (“alternative space” is an alternative description that you can use), but these open areas help your site not look cluttered and confusing for visitors. Overall, a cleaner aesthetics helps users easily find what they are looking for as soon as they get to your site. You can also take advantage of this design strategy by directing users to the “Subscribe” or “Buy Now” buttons using spaces.
3 Select a legible font for readability.
Unusual scripts or graphic labels may seem like a professional element to add. However, do not confuse professionalism with complexity or cost. If you bought an expensive font and added it to your site, it does not mean that it is upscale. Instead, prioritize.
If your users cannot read your site, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into acquiring a vibrant print shop. Keep the main goal of your site - delivering information - first and foremost. For best results, select two fonts and put them together.
4 Add quality personal photos to ensure authenticity.
Images are a great way to improve the content of your site. However, filling your site with photos is not a reasonable practice. Quality is much more important than quantity. Personal photos seem more authentic and can help build the trust of your users.
But keep in mind that low-quality images will negatively affect the perception of your site by users, so when shooting and placing photos, pay attention to the lighting and cropping functionality.
5 Turn on clear navigation and search features to help visitors find what they need.
Regardless of whether your site has one page or dozens, your users should easily find what they need. Visitors come to your site for some reason, and if they don’t find what they came for, they simply leave the site in most cases. This is why clear navigation is needed.
Adding easy-to-use navigation will allow users to quickly get the information they need. In addition, a site search feature can help you quickly find posts or pages anywhere on your site.
Almost every day there are more and more platforms for creating websites. Saving money and controlling the development of your own site may seem attractive, but if your site looks unprofessional and unreliable, your brand may suffer.
Fortunately, there are several aspects of web design that you can easily implement on your site to enhance its professionalism. Creating clean visual elements with a limited color palette and sufficient empty space, trusting personal photos and the About Us page, as well as adding interactive features, including call-to-action buttons and contact forms, will create a high-quality website.