Gypsy Rose ~ Kimberly LoSavioHello! My name is Kimberly LoSavio, owner of Gypsy’s Treasures ~ A Place to Find Treasures of ALL Kinds; a blog to share dreams and beliefs and inspire others to do the same.

The original goal to this blog was strictly personal. I just wanted a place to share things with others, to share my unrelenting journey to reacquaint myself with my Creative Muse. But something happened along the way, as it often does with those of us who are terrible at following a plan. My goals have changed for Gypsy’s Treasures. And for the good, I sincerely believe in my heart.

My goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams and beliefs by sharing what I am, what I do and what I know. This pulls together Gypsy’s Treasures’ motto: “Dream ~ Believe ~ Inspire”.

What I am:

I’m a mom of 5 wonderful kids (2 adult children, 2 teenagers and 1 infant). I’m a wife of 2 years to my husband – we were married on Halloween 2009 after being together for over 5 years. I’m what some would call a mom-preneur or solo-preneur – starting my online shoppe Gypsy Rose Treasures in October of 2005. I am a web designer – I earned my Web Design Certificate in 2009 from Spokane Community College. I have been designing graphics, web elements, pages and sites since 1999. I am also Pagan ~ I have been consciously following my spiritual path since 2000.

What I do:

I am juggling raising a new baby and 2 teenagers with being a wife and rebuilding my online businesses after over a year of struggling with whether I wanted to keep moving forward with GRT and growing my web design business, GRT Web Design. A year ago October, what I thought was going to be a wonderful income opportunity with a fairly reputable web design and video company based here in Spokane turned into a nightmare! As it opened my eyes to what I really wanted in my own design business, it also damaged my self esteem and had me question my design talents. Of course, shortly after that horrible experience, we found out we were pregnant with a baby due in June. He had other plans, of course, and did not arrive until July. LOL

I love handcrafting — I have been sewing since I was about 13, crocheting since I was 8, cross stitching since I was about 15. I also enjoy candlemaking, blending teas and incense blends with herbs and oils, scrapbooking both digitally and with paper, and coming in 2012 I will start my adventure in machine embroidery and screen printing ;)

What I know:

As I stated above, I’ve been designing graphics, elements, pages and websites since 1999. I started out using Photo Impact then graduated to Pain Shop Pro in 2006, as well as Photo Shop in 2009. I prefer PSP but Photo Shop is growing on me. I use Dream Weaver for my coding. I love designing web pages and sites. I discovered blogging in 2007, my first blog being on Blogger. Then I discovered WordPress! This has changed my web design path and goals.

I’ve been a mom for almost 22 years (my oldest turns 22 on December 21st), and now starting over with an infant :) I’ve been a wife for 2 years .. but we’ve been together since 2005, so I know a little about relationships.

Because of my many years of handcrafting (sewing, crocheting and cross stitching) as well as other crafting, I know I can share with others many of the things I love to make and create! I am all about recycling old clothes LOL

I feel in my heart that I have always been meant for something bigger, but with every step I make, that path seems to change. My goals for Gypsy’s Treasures is no different it seems. I’m excited to share what I know with others. And I look forward to the response from others that we can put together to help yet even others. Because, after all, isn’t that what sharing is all about? To learn from others and broaden our horizons? I think so anyhow! I hope you do too!

2 Responses to Meet Gypsy

  1. Hi Gypsy,
    Just dropped over from Pagan Packs and I see that you are/were from Spokane. Small world, so am I, lol. Funny how all these years that we have both been on PP (though I lurk mostly), I had no idea that we lived so close to one another. We’ll have to meet up sometime. I have store on Division near Indiana, you should pop in for a cup of tea sometime. It would be fun. If interested, I can give you the address. Love you site here by the way. I just moved to wordpress myself and love it!
    Well, gotta get ready for work. Have a great day!!

    • OMG, Donna!! What a small small world!!! I’m in the valley off Mission and University. I would love to have tea … what is your shop called? And thank you for your comment about the site :) I love tweaking themes to make them my own. some things I just cannot get away from (the Gypsy with the cat). I’m working towards having my FB page, Google + page, and twitter to match the site :) Twitter is mostly done!

      I’m glad to hear you made the leap to the “dark” side LOL It really is the LIGHT side as far as I’m concerned. But I am a Star Wars nerd! hahahA


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