Alternatives to PHOTOSHOP for Linux.

For editing images, the most commonly used application is Photoshop. Everyone who is connected and not connected with the web sphere knows about this program, since Photoshop was developed back in 1990 and, thanks to a wide range of features, it is successfully used in many areas of working with images and photos. Adobe product written in C ++ and Pascal, but the computer graphics standard does not have a version for Linux.
Consider the best alternatives that exist for Linux. This list includes programs that perform the same basic functions as Photoshop.
Free software called Pixlr is often used for image editing. The closed source program provides the user with a set of various editing tools and free effects for working with images. The application runs on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Over 500 million users have already installed this software. There is currently no desktop application for Linux, but it can be fully used using a special online version.
To work with raster graphics, you can use the free Photopea program. The application is launched using a web browser, but the program itself operates locally. The Photopea program interface is a copy of the famous Photoshop, the application functionality is similar, including the ability to work with filters, masks, layers, vectors, smart objects, key bindings, and so on. Supports .XD file formats. , RAW, .sketch, PSD and XCF. The program is completely free, but there are ad impressions.
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) - open source software that is designed to work in the field of graphic design. One of the popular tools for illustrations and photography. The editor includes the most popular functions that are necessary for working with images, for example, color correction, magic wand, brushes, layers, artboards, filters, etc. GIMP offers customization of the interface for work, there are also “hot keys”. Gimp is included in the official Linux package repository.
Installation from official repositories on Ubuntu / CentOS / Fedora operating systems is performed using the following combinations:
sudo apt install gimp
sudo yum install gimp
sudo dnf install gimp
The free Krita app is open source and offers a range of image tools. The service has been successfully used to create comics, illustrations. KRITA offers a rich set of features, including layers, artboards, brushes, the Pen tool, endless undo / redo, layer masks, HDR support, color palette, etc. The software is free and fully compatible with GIMP plugins and other necessary tools. You can install Krita on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, and other systems from PPA using:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa: kritalime / ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install krita
The Darktable app is free and open source, designed specifically for photographers. Designed for professional work with digital files. Darktable is a convenient set of tools for editing photo files as in Photoshop. Of the available functions, it includes zero delay, support for various image formats, accelerated image processing using a GPU, color management, etc.
Dartable is available in the Linux repository. Installation can be done using:
sudo apt install darktable
sudo yum install darktable
sudo dnf install darktable
DigiKam is a free service for editing photos and other images. The tool is suitable for working with libraries, raw files, XMP metadata. DIGIKAM runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. DigiKam provides users with the ability to process bulk photos that they can import and export, organize using tags and edit metadata.
Installation on Debian / CentOS / Fedora is done using the following commands:
sudo apt install digikam
sudo yum install digikam
sudo dnf install digikam
As you can see, the list of programs that can be used instead of Photoshop on Linux is solid. What do you use?