Mailbox Day and Email Day: when is it celebrated?

International mailbox day is celebrated on August 2, Electronic Mail Day on October 2. Ever heard of these holidays? And they exist. Let's talk about the history of the holidays and their features.
On August 2, the birthday of the mailbox is celebrated around the world. They first appeared in Paris back in 1653.
The ancestors of modern mailboxes were dark blue, made of boards and trimmed with sheet metal. Already today, mailboxes are much modernized and mean not only letter boxes, but more on that later.
Cape of Good Hope was the first place where the mailbox appeared. Its creator was Bartolomer Diaz, the discoverer of this cape. In 1500 there was a severe storm, the Dias team escaped due to the fact that they were thrown to the beach. The discoverer decided to leave a letter with a message in the shoe, which they picked up on a tree. A year later, other sailors found this letter in a shoe. This was essentially the first inbox in the world.
Over time, the mailbox has evolved and today we use another “type” of the mailbox - electronic. This is of course a conditional name, but the E-mail Day is also celebrated all over the world and it has its own history of occurrence, about which many more facts are already known, since it happened not so long ago. Email Day is celebrated on October 2.
It would probably be obvious if the first sent letter appeared with the launch of the Internet. But this happened much earlier before its appearance, imagine 20 years before the creation of the World Wide Web.
In 1969, the U.S. Department of Defense began developing an electronic network for exchanging information between computers. The network is called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork). Initially, the network united only 4 terminals, but this was already a significant achievement in this area. ARPANET is the first prototype of the Internet. It was then that the basics of network protocols were developed, including TCP / IP.
One of BBN’s engineers, Ray Tomlinson, has developed an online email exchange program. He also came up with the recording format that we use until today, for the first time he used the “dog” to separate the post name record - @.
In 1972, an updated program for working with mail was released; it has already acquired a modern look. These are letters in the form of a list with the ability to save and forward to other users. Email web interface appeared in 1996. It was invented by Jack Smith. He developed a mail server with access using HotMail. Over time, HotMail has become one of the most popular email services. Then, the Rocketmail service (which became the basis of Yahoo! mail) gained popularity behind him, was launched in 1998, the Gmail mail service appeared in 2004. And already in 2012 it outstripped HotMail by the number of users.
How many mailboxes today? According to rough estimates from some sources, about 3.7 billion. Every day, over 260 billion emails are forwarded. True, more than 80% of these messages are unfortunately spam. But we already wrote about this.
Twice a year, we do not forget to celebrate 2 holidays, which significantly influenced the development of modern society - Mailbox Day (August 2) and Email Box Day (October 2).