Piwik (Matomo) instead of Google Analytics.

Everyone has heard about Google Analytics, but few people know about an alternative program called Piwik (Matomo), which, incidentally, also has a useful set of advantages. What are these advantages and what opportunities Piwik provides, we will consider further.
Piwik or now the more relevant name Matomo has appeared in our area recently. Compared to the mega-popular Google Analytics program, Matomo is little known, but in some cases it is indispensable. The program has one significant advantage that popular analogues do not have.
For some projects, security and privacy are paramount. For example, for banks or insurance organizations, government agencies. But even such online resources require analysis using special software such as Google Analytics. But this program for such sites has a significant drawback - the information collected is stored on the servers of an external company, which in some cases is unacceptable.
In essence, Matomo uses a completely different principle. The program runs inside the site, and the information collected is posted directly on the site owner’s servers.
The control panel of the program is quite convenient and simple, all the functionality is standardized. Just a few tutorials online and you can get started with Matomo.
Compare the popular analytics system Google Analytics and Matomo.
And one and the other system is capable of performing a set of specific tasks: tracking user events, setting up sending virtual pages, implementing an advanced electronic commerce system, inserting your js code, setting up triggers on a page, etc. The process of reading information is also very similar. In general, we can say that the analytical system of electronic commerce of both programs is identical.
What are the main differences between the systems?
Piwik abstracts the received data from the point of view of users. It takes into account information about the user's device and the time when he visited the site, including the time spent on the site. As a result, we get a holistic picture that the system created - a virtual user and his path.
Google analytics builds its picture in a different way. It reveals the history of the session, not an individual user. The basic set of Google Analytics does not allow working with logs. There is a collection and visualization of data in reports, it is not possible to get acquainted with the intermediate results. For these purposes, most often a special program from Yandex is used - ClickHouse. This is a special DBMS for storing data, with which you can build any necessary reports. True, ClickHouse does not take into account user settings.
To expand Piwik's capabilities on the Marketplace, you can purchase more than 70 plugins, including the option to build your own.
Piwik is a combination of the functionality of the popular Google Analytics and ClickHouse (storage of raw data, access to tables).
Using Piwik you can change banners and consider conversion.
Google Analytics is primarily a monitoring system, mainly focused on AdWords. Piwik is a system that is designed to ensure the confidentiality of information. In addition, Piwik complies with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. And this is especially true for websites of government organizations.
If data security comes first for your project, then the Matomo analytics system (Piwik) is the best choice for developing an online business. And if you need a safe and reliable website hosting, contact HyperHost!