Ufologist Day or UFO Day. How and when to celebrate?

Ufology has not yet been recognized by the scientific community, but nevertheless, on July 2, Ufologist's Day or UFO Day is celebrated. The media daily post a large amount of information about aliens. Someone believes such messages, some do not, but nevertheless such a holiday exists and let's look at how Ufologist Day is celebrated and why the date was chosen on July 2.
The history of the holiday World UFO Day.
Around the beginning of July 1947, a suspicious object fell in a desert near the city of Roswell, New Mexico. Rumor has it that it was a "plate with alien creatures." True or not, there is no direct evidence. The security services hid all the materials on this case, so there is no specific information. But much has been said about this incident, and not only in the United States, but also beyond. It was then that the history of ufology as a science began. Some people believe that this incident really happened, while others refute all the rumors and say that this is nothing more than a fiction.
Throughout the existence of mankind there have always been secrets associated with mysterious phenomena and incidents, which could not be explained. So in this case, the local farmer witnessed an unusual explosion, after which strange debris was found behind the legend. After that, there were suggestions about the existence of an aircraft and the bodies of aliens, which were further classified by the government. True or not, we can only guess ...
Until now, the modern community has not recognized ufology as a science (the name comes from the abbreviation UFO - Unidentified Flying Object). But still in many countries there are ufological centers that conduct various kinds of research. Scientists who work in this field can be divided into two types - those who are looking for traces of aliens on Earth and those who are trying to scientifically explain mysterious phenomena.
How to celebrate? Every year in the city of Roswell, more than 200 thousand people come to the celebration. In honor of this day, thematic lectures, parades, and exhibitions are held. This is a kind of festival where people who are interested in the subject of UFOs gather. According to the stories, UFOs are most often found in the Russian city of Sochi and in the UK in the Stonehenge area, and in the airspace of Scotland you can often see unidentified flying objects.
If this year you want to celebrate the Day of the ufologist, you can just go outside and watch the celestial bodies. If UFOs in the sky can not be seen, then you can spend the evening watching a thematic film. In our country, this holiday is not very popular, so it’s unlikely that you can attend any event like in Roswell.